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Pursued professional unique technology for 50 years.
Special printing technology developing department is looking for new talents to meet the demand from new generation.
Depend on special printing technology by using other things than paper, we started from manufacturing transferable label in 1956, built up enterprise foundation.

Recently, we apply ourselves in special printing technology in the fields of function components (Home Appliance, Mobile phone, In-Vehicle products, etc.). Our technologies have been applied in our life. To make the productfs appearance matching customerfs image, achieve the ideal shape and provide higher quality products, our mass production strictly according to the ISO9001 system, also we have taken a series of actions.

For adapt to new demand of special printing, we increasingly needs talents who can use chemical knowledge to develop the products, or professional talents who have printing technology, resin forming technology or stamping process technology. Now, since we are extending our manufacture business overseas, so we need new talents with wilder vision for development.
@ Recruiting
@Job Type Production Technology / Technological development (chemical)
@Job Scopes Quote, design and develop, launch mass production of the products applying printing technology, resin forming components and stamping components.

High school or above
*Applying product development, need to have professional chemical (organic / inorganic) knowledge.
Working in manufacturing company on development or skilled work and have at least 3 years experiences.

Applying processing technology development, need to have professional knowledge of printing, resin forming, or stamping process.

@working place Sagamihara Factory: 2-12-6, Onodai, Minami-ku, Sagamihara
@working time 8:30`17:25
@salary Fixed salary annual salary: 3,500,000-5,000,000 yen
*The salary be decided by age, experience and companyfs function qualification system.
@holiday 2 rest days per week/Sunday, Saturday (Saturday will be the working day depends on companyfs calendar).
Holiday: New year (5 days), Summer holiday (4 days), Paid annual holiday, Marriage leave and Funeral Leave, Special leave.
@Allowance Annual salary raise (Sep.), Annual bonus in Oct. (small bonus in Jun. and Dec.), Transportation subsidies (maximum 40,000 yen), Housing subsidies, Family Allowance, Job subsidies
Welfare & Insurance Medical insurance, Pension insurance, Employment insurance, Industrial injury insurance, Retirement allowance, Property accumulated savings system, Health care union dormitory, Contract recuperate right, All kinds of entertainments
Please call for details.@TEL: +81-3-3420-1139