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@ Company information
| Establish Sep. 27th, 1956
Sales office info (map)
2-5-5 Sakurashinmachi, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, Japan
| Legal person Teraoka Takeo
| Client financial authorities Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ / Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Mizuho Bank
| Registered capital 10,000,000 yen
| Employee 139
Main sales offices address Tokyo Head office
Sales office info (map) Kanagawa Prefecture Tokyo Sales office / Sagamihara Factory
Overseas Business Div.
Shizuoka Prefecture Shizuoka Sales office / Hamamatsu Sales office
Aichi Prefecture Nagoya Sales office
Osaka Osaka Sales office
Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka Sales office
@ Evolution
1954 Invented metal printed sticking sign, named as gNAMERh and released.
1956 Established the TDI ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. on current address.
1957 Set up the Sales office in Nagoya on May and in Osaka on Sep.
1959 Companyfs transfer printing products has been authenticated as MIL standard products by US Air Force.
1963 Registered capital raised to 10,000,000 yen.
Set up a factory in Sagamihara.
Set up Sales office in Utsunomiya.
1967 Companyfs Okaru products be used as JRS13099-5B-15A transfer table for text registration of Japan's state-owned railway.
1968 Set up silk screen printing factory in Sagamihara.
1977 Start new office building.
1978 Set up Sales office in Nagoya.
The factory in Sagamihara has been awarded as excellent enterprise by the mayor.
Computer system of order-produce-sale start working.
1980 The factory in Sagamihara has been awarded as excellent enterprise by the Kanagawa Prefecture.
1981 Earned the manufacturing license of UL standard back glue nameplate.
Set up the offices in Kobe, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka and Gunma.
1982 Earned the manufacturing license of CSA standard back glue nameplate.
1983 Started manufacturing film switch and surrounding electronic parts.
1985 Change the film room to the clean room.
1986 The emboss technique has been confirmed, imported two machines and start manufacturing.
Set up the enterprise LAN.
1991 Set up offices in Kyouto and Nagasaki.
1994 Set up office in Fuji.
1995 Moved the office in Nagasaki to Fukuoka.
1998 The Sagamihara factory earned the ISO-9002 authentication.
1999 Operated the TIMS in enterprise LAN.
2002 The Sagamihara factory changed to the ISO-9001.
2005 The whole company earned the ISO-9001 authentication.
2006 The Sagamihara factory earned the ISO-14001 authentication.
2012 Set up TDI International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China.
2017 Set up a factory (TDI Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd.) in Hanam Province, Vietnam.